Timo Laine Symphonic Slam Delivers Creative Guitar Synth Innovation

Flower Mound, TX – Timo Laine Symphonic Slam delivers creative guitar synth innovation. Rock Fans get creative guitar synth innovation with Timo Laine Symphonic Slam. It’s all there, the edge and sensation of soaring on notes. Timo Laine Symphonic Slam means moving inspired guitar solos. Timo Laine Symphonic Slam defines full speaker Rock-n-Roll fans expect. Timo Laine Symphonic Slam offers Guitar Synth Innovation for rock fans. For additional Symphonic Slam releases and appearance schedule, visit http://www.TimoLaineMusic.com.

You haven’t lived until you listen to “Sara”. Time to take the buds out and crank up the volume. This is rock that shatters expectations as if to say. “If it ain’t Laine it’s lame.” They don’t call it Symphonic Slam lightly. Timo Laine in the speakers and a Harley ride just might be as close to heaven as you can get on this side. It’s rock perfected to pure ecstasy. True Rock fans will recognize the name and the music. If you can’t find the fireworks in Symphonic Slam you probably never will. The variety is astounding, rhythm, beat, electric solos, defiant lyrics and endless energy.

You haven’t really experienced progressive rock until you play some heart stopping Slam. It’s bold. Hard driving guitar synth Rock with sophistication. As essential as air you don’t find this kind of power in ear buds. Defining hard driving guitar synthesizer that makes your heart skip a beat, Symphonic Slam, is re-taking the throne with the aim to reign over the genre Timo Laine defined 35 years ago. Never gone this artist and the band were just planning an explosion, time to wake the dead with every chord. You won’t want to miss “Her Fire” by Timo Laine Symphonic Slam. You have to listen.

About Timo Laine Symphonic Slam

Timo, over the years, has become known for his masterful guitar and guitar synthesizer styles. Timo released a ground breaking album with A&M Records worldwide in the early years of his career. The recording broke new ground as the first major guitar synthesizer work. Timo had hooked up six separate synthesizers to his Les Paul guitar. Each string had its own synth that could be set up separately. The guitar was played thru regular amplifiers, but the synthesizers were pumped thru a wall speakers and all blended together. The wall of sound that came from that setup was absolutely amazing. The album was called “Symphonic Slam” followed by “Symphonic Slam II”, “Her Fire”, and Timo`s latest cd, “Guitar Works Special Edition”, a follow up of all instrumental compositions. Timo has performed with acts such as the Rolling Stones, BB King, Tina Turner, Rush, Chuck Berry, and many other major artists to name a few. On Timo’s CD “Her Fire,” Over the years Timo has worked with many notable artists on his albums including Noe Cruz, Jimmy Haslip, Bob Winn, Mike Meucci, Mark Vaughn, Dennis Brown, and Larry Class. The band includes Steve Eddy on keys, Jeff Hull on bass, and Bob Winn on drums. Recently, Musea Records released “Timo Laine Symphonic Slam SSll” worldwide in July 2011. Timo Laine Symphonic Slam produces guitar synth innovation synth guitar fans.

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